Coma Soul - Let’s Do The Magic (Original Remix)

Coma Soul aka Mikhail Ostrovskiy is a russian producer multi-instrumentalist and front man of Moscow Indie band Beat Of Silence. This is his first selft-titled album with 6 tracks between deep house and athmospheric techno.

Joris Delacroix - Air France (SYNAPSON Remix)

Whatever you are thinking,  you are going to like that, probably at 1.42 min, call it music conspiracy.

Clem Beat’z - Ooh Yeaaahh !

Perera Elsewhere - Giddy feat Gonjasufi

We know Perera Elsewhere, from Friends of Friends label, and of course we know mystic Gonjasufi. But together? What a combination. Her voice seduce me, and Gonjasufi hypnotize. 

[…]  she sings “You sway unsteady with your sword// it makes you livid, muzzle round your jaw// vivid dream that ain’t got no flaws// pasting memories you can’t recall…” making way for Gonjasufi to drive the chant home with his signature, emotive bars. […]

Johnny Cash - She Used To Love Me A Lot

Columbia/Legacy 2014

I can’t introduce this song, because nobody introduce it to me. It just appears to me today. Oh, Cash amazing, breathtaking Johnny. he’s  back, but this time through his son John Carter Cash, that brings us 12 long-forgotten in the new Out Among The Stars album. This record “dressed” like a compilation feels 100% Johnny Cash soul, the selection of the tracks is incredible, and like many of you will do i fell straigh in love with She Used To Love Me A Lot, but every time i have a crush for Cash songs, i’m speechless with shiver down my spine. So you know, just play it and enjoy.

Album Bombay Disco V/A

Cultures of Soul 2014

Track Udi Baba by Asha Bhosle

When a film producer told Bollywood composer Bappi Lahiri ” I want to have music like ‘Saturday Night Fever ' Bombay Disco was born. Cultures of Soul Records presents this brilliant compilation, Bombay Disco, 13 selections taken from the dusty Bazaar of India by Dj Brother Cleve. Bollywood industry has a huge ammount of disco music and here each track has  some claps, wah wah guitars, carrying stomps and all the shit you need to get the right amount of groove.

Son Little - Cross My Heart (Single)

November 2013 ANTI-

November releases have  been always one of my favorites, foggy and smokey atmospheres, the meeting between autumun and winter probably, whatever the reason is one thing is for sure; Son Little made a debut track in perfect autumun-winter-style, in a smokey november, choosing not even a random date, 11/11/13, what the hell, what else could make this dude coolest? Maybe his collaborations, under his real name Aaron Livingstone with  RDJ2’s Icebird project, and  the voice of “Sleep" by Roots. For those who wonder and are not lost this is your man. 

Listen/purchase: Duet OST by Tim Shiel

Situation number 2: Video game soundtrack  that are way too cool then the game.

High Water - Railroad Song

2013 Other People

Railroad Song is taken from the album The Beautiful Moon, debut solo album from Will Epstein, one of the original memember of Nicolas Jaar’s band under the new serial label Other People. Now, i don’t know where Clown & Sunset (previous Jaar’s label) is gone, but who cares, we don’t need a sitting-waiting ‘cause they already feed us with a tasty label compilation -Trust - where you also can find this track. 

Railroad song is beautifully weird, the song change and seems going into different moods but when  Will Epstein start screaming, singing a kind of lament, he is also banging on the board creating a spell, suddenly you are sitting in a forest beside a huge, majestic, Red Wood tree, i guess. If this does make sense. 

Phosphorescent - Song for Zula

2013 Dead Oceans

Matthew Houck is the man behind Phosphorescent,Song for Zula is taken from his sixth album Muchacho, which contains some Houck’s best songwriting. There is emotional honesty around this masterpiece,  from a songwriter that releases album in some kind of short story collection, this looks like a new beginning for Houck reaching new depths. 

Non-Prophets - Hope

2003 Lex

Track - The Cure

I bet when Sage Francis open The Cure  with Don’t deny the sick feeling in your stomach, you can’t run from it, he knows is already there, straight into your stomach. You gotta look back to find some dope lyric, 10 years ago and this album sounds fresh. 

Kallie Lampel - Luna Tribe

Kallie Lampel is under the project Tortilla Pass that moves around electronic, ambient and dreamy landscapes. Luna Tribe is a wave of positive energy, a clear picture of a dancing tribe somewhere in a desert illuminated by a big white moon. The beats are kind of psychedelic, the  rhythm is catchy and soon a smile is going to light your face.  

Tara Putra - In Dubland

2012 Gliese 581c

Track Dubland Costline

Psy dub is made to free your mind, the dub beats kick into your head, like  knocking at your door, and Tara Putra come inside gently, mystically, it sounds exotic and yet familiar. The rest it’s up to your mind.

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